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Donna Tasker -Winward Tours

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Donna Tasker -Winward Tours

Donna Tasker has had a couple of chats with us this week, Pilot and Committee Member for the Ballooning Championships. She’s been run off her feet taking many people out ballooning, giving talks at the library and fundraising at the same time, talk about multi-tasking.

Fundraising from the previous National Ballooning Championships Donna and Winward Tours have raised money for our Triple M Give Me 5 for Kids. They raised the money through the sale of the collectable envelopes that where in the 2015 National Ballooning Championships all covers (envelopes) had been carried in the basket of one of the hot air balloons in the competition and the pilots name and balloon details are noted on each envelope face, a whole set valued at over $100 and also spare singles valued at over $5 each, these are now highly collectable. They are available again at this years National Ballooning Championships from the Northam Post Office – Lenna the manager and you can also preorder them. There are over 30 pilots participating in this year’s Championships 7 local pilots, 5 to 7 from overseas and 20 from interstate.


-photo courtesy of Hills Community Gazette