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Eric Church Says “We Were” Found The Perfect Home with Keith Urban

"it fits him more than me"

Eric Church Says “We Were” Found The Perfect Home with Keith Urban

You’ve probably heard the story of how Keith Urban recorded his latest hit, “We Were,” without knowing his buddy Eric Church actually co-wrote the song. Eric, who penned the song with Ryan Tyndell and Jeff Hyde, didn’t realize just how perfect the song was for his pal until after Keith recorded it.

“That was the coolest thing for me is I didn’t send Keith the song and say, ‘Here’s a song I wrote.’ He found it, and honestly, it fits him more than it fits me. There’s a line in there about ‘two heartbeats in the moonlight/leather jackets on a back of a Harley.’ I don’t ride a Harley. That’s a line, call it ‘poetic license.’ That’s where it came from. He and Nicole used to do that when they first started dating, and they were touring, they would jump on his Harley and they would put on their leather jackets and they’d go ride up in the countryside before the show. I did not know that until after he cut that song,” says Eric. “I truly believe songs find the path that they’re supposed to find, and that one was supposed to be with him.”

Eric is poised to enter the top of the country charts with his own single, “Some of It.”

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