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It's Official - Michael Ray and Carly Pearce are an Item!

That's one cute couple!

It's Official - Michael Ray and Carly Pearce are an Item! Getty Images

Nashville has some pretty hot couples, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Morgan Evans and Kelsea Ballerini, just to name a few, now we can add newcomers Michael Ray and Carly Pearce to the “hot” list with the pair officially announcing they are indeed a couple.

Ray admits that he initially didn't pick up on Pearce's signals that she was actually interested in him.

Speaking with Cody Alan on his radio program, Michael reveals that it was actually Carly who started pursuing him, but he wasn't quite sure that's what was actually happening.

"She did all the work," he acknowledges, revealing that Pearce started sending him direct messages via Instagram "pretty heavily."

"I don't know if it's a guy thing, but I don't catch on to hints worth crap," Ray admits ruefully. "I was also afraid to be like, 'I think she's into me,' because I want to see her again. So if she's not into me, and I go in thinking she is, that's weird."

The couple have apparently been seeing each other for a while, but only recently started turning up on each other's social media accounts in public.