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Riley Green To Release Debut Album Next Month

"Different 'Round Here"

Riley Green To Release Debut Album Next Month Cover Art Courtesy of BMLG Records

Chart-topper RILEY GREEN will release his debut album DIFFERENT ‘ROUND HERE September 20 via BMLG Records. The 14-track project has already produced No. 1 hit “There Was This Girl” and features his latest endeavor “I Wish Grandpa’s Never Died,” a song People praised “might take him to a whole new stratosphere,” and one he shares co-writing credits posthumously alongside his two grandfathers.
“I started putting out music independently to have material to do shows around Alabama and Georgia,” shares Green. “Here we are just a year or so later and I’m still that same guy from Alabama, just singing those songs on a bigger stage.  Those and each of these songs are a part of my life and I’m ready to play them out on the road!”
Highlighting his Southern roots and relatability, Green co-wrote each track offering a perspective Rolling Stone Country describes as "Drinks-in-the-air Nineties country at an Alabama vs. Auburn tailgate." He recorded DIFFERENT ROUND HERE alongside producer Dann Huff and executive producer Jimmy Harnen.


1. “There Was This Girl” | Riley Green, Erik Dylan
2. “Different ‘Round Here” | Riley Green, Randy Montana, Jonathan Singleton
3. “Same Old Song” | Riley Green, Erik Dylan, Jonathan Singleton
4. “In A Truck Right Now” | Riley Green, Erik Dylan, Randy Montana
5. “Hard To Leave” | Riley Green, Jessi Alexander, Randy Montana
6. “I Wish Grandpa’s Never Died” | Riley Green, Lendon Bonds, Buford Green
7. “Bettin’ Man” | Riley Green, Erik Dylan, Jonathan Singleton
8. “Numbers On The Cars” | Riley Green
9. “My First Everything” | Riley Green, Erik Dylan, Tyler Reeve, Justin Weaver
10. “In Love By Now” | Riley Green, Rhett Akins, Marv Green, Ben Hayslip
11. “Get That Man A Beer” | Riley Green, Jonathan Singleton, Channing Wilson
12. “Break Up More Often” | Riley Green, Chris DuBois, Lynn Hutton
13. “Running With An Angel” | Riley Green
14. “Outlaws Like Us” | Riley Green, Erik Dylan

Riley has released fan-favorite “I Wish Grandpa’s Never Died” from the forthcoming Album

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