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Sam Hunt Hints New Music

“the record is there”

Sam Hunt Hints New Music

Ahead of Sam Hunt’s recent performance at Stagecoach Festival in California he chatted with Sirius XM’s the Highway’s – and honorary Aussie – Storme Warren explaining that his current light workload had been intentional.

His reason behind his lesser performance appearances was so that he could focus on studio work. “The record will get done ‘come hell or high water,'”  with the plan to tour more frequently in 2020.

“I’ll start recording the best of the last 10, 11, 12 months ... in July and August, and I should have a record there,” Hunt explains. “The songs are showing up. I would like to have two or three more between now and July, but for the most part, the record’s there. It's just a matter of recording it."

Fans at Stagecoach were not treated to any of the new music.

Sam has blessed us with many great songs including the smash hit "Body Like a Back Road" -  the song was a non-album single, even though it became one of the biggest songs of 2017. 

So good news for all you Sam Hunt fans out there - new music is on the way!

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