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Toby Keith to Receive Nashville Symphony’s 2018 Harmony Award

you go cowboy!

Toby Keith to Receive Nashville Symphony’s 2018 Harmony Award

Toby Keith is ending his 2018 with a bang – as he prepares himself to receive the Nashville Symphony’s 2018 Harmony Award.

Keith will be the recipient of the award during the 34th annual Symphony Ball on Saturday, December 8, 2018.  The award is presented annually by the Nashville Symphony and selected by a dedicated committee, the Harmony Award recognizes an individual who exemplifies the harmonious spirit of Nashville’s musical community.

“Toby Keith has the unique ability to capture the essence of life’s most passionate and memorable moments through music, as evidenced by an incredible career that has produced hit music every year over the past three decades,” said Katie Crumbo and Laurie Seabury, chairmen of the 2018 Symphony Ball fundraiser. “More than just an outstanding singer and songwriter with a legendary onstage energy, Toby has made selfless contributions to the world around him – including scores of performances for U.S. service personnel abroad and assisting the families of children with critical illnesses through the Toby Keith Foundation – that prove his impact reaches well beyond music. We look forward to celebrating Toby and all of his tremendous accomplishments at the 2018 Symphony Ball.”

“I’m so appreciative of this honor given to me by the Nashville Symphony,” Keith said. “Thank you, it means a great deal to me.”

The year doesn’t wrap up there for Toby, 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the song that started it all for him – in celebration "Should’ve Been A Cowboy [25th Anniversary Edition]", an expanded re-release of Keith’s self-titled debut was released Friday November 30 - buy it here.


  1. Should’ve Been A Cowboy
  2. He Ain’t Worth Missing
  3. Under The Fall
  4. Some Kinda Good Kinda Hold On Me
  5. Wish I Didn’t Know
  6. Ain’t No Thang
  7. Valentine
  8. A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action
  9. Mama Come Quick
  10. Close But No Guitar


  1. Tossin’ And Turnin’
  2. I’ll Still Call You Baby
  3. Daddy Mac