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Parking survey in Shepparton's CBD

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Parking survey in Shepparton's CBD

Greater Shepparton City Council advises residents, visitors and traders of a parking survey for the Shepparton Central Business Area taking place tomorrow, Friday 14 September and again next Tuesday 18 September.

The purpose of the survey is to understand parking purpose and destination to assist in identifying locations of parking demand, as distinct from locations of where people park.

The survey is not a stand-alone parking questionnaire – it is accompanying a quantitative parking count around the CBD.

The survey is being undertaken as a technical data collection process for input into the Greater Shepparton City Council Movement and Place Strategy. The survey does not pre-empt any changes to parking in Shepparton in the near future.

It is intended that this information will inform future recommendations within the Movement and Place Strategy, which may assist in improving traffic movement. All information gathered through this process will not be used for any other purpose.

Please note that the results of the survey will be collated and any data released will not include identifying information.

Council encourages residents, visitors or traders to take a few minutes to participate in the survey if approached.