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Airport Workers Left To Sleep In FILTHY Conditions

"Its just absolutely horrible"

Airport Workers Left To Sleep In FILTHY Conditions

Ground staff at Sydney Airport have lifted the lid on the filthy conditions they are faced with.

The ABC has reported that staff are required to work 15 hour split shifts, forcing them to hang around at the airport during the split.

Staff have resorted to sleeping beside baggage carousels, inside luggage containers among rat droppings and rubbish.

“Its filthy its cold its dark its just absolutely horrible,” Aerocare truck driver George Orsaris told ABC’s 730 program.

“Its definitely not conditions that people in this day an age, especially in Australia, (expect) are going on here. Its unthinkable.”

Photos from inside the airport show makeshift beds underneath passenger terminals, where staff say they camp out between shifts because they can’t afford to go home, with reports workers are earning a paltry $1500 a month.

“They can’t afford the fuel or the tolls,” Transport Workers Union spokesman Tony Sheldon said. “This is a terrible indictment on the Australian workforce.”