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Android Phones May Be Recording Your Conversations

Malware found in 1,000+ apps

Android Phones May Be Recording Your Conversations

Android phone users are being warned about a new Malware that could be secretly recording conversations.

"SonicSpy" is a software that has been discovered in more than 1,000 apps, several of which have made it to the Google Play Store.

Basically, techsperts tell us the software means cyber criminals are able to take control of a phone's camera to take photos and video without the phone owner knowing. 

What's worse is it doesn't stop there. SonicSpy can also make phone calls and send text messages meaning criminals have been using it to contact premium numbers, as a way to steal money from the phone owner. 

Antivirus firm Lookout believes the malware infected apps are being developed by a hacker in Iraq.

Three messaging apps Hulk Messenger, Troy Chat and Soniac, for example, have been infected in the Google Play Store since February this year.

Researchers have also found the dodgy malware in a few customised versions of some really popular apps like Pokemon Go, Clash Royale and even Netflix

The good news is the majority of the apps have been picked up and removed from the Google Play Store. 

So, how can you stop this (or future!) malware from infecting your phone?

Aside from downloading security software for your phone, you can also be very selective about the apps you download.

For a start, users are being told to make sure they're downloading only the legitimate versions of apps, and not 'rip offs' or unverified spin offs.

Reading through the feedback of apps can point out negative comments about the app is a good way to avoid scams or potential hacking.