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Armed Robber Hands Himself In, Because He 'Feels Bad'

"It was stupid, I f#$%ed up"

Armed Robber Hands Himself In, Because He 'Feels Bad'

Pic: Channel 9

How's this for breaking a stereotype - an armed robber has gone cap in hand to a Brisbane police station, handing himself in after he held up a 7 11 with a knife. 

21 year old Stanley Corbett spoke with Channel 9, admitting he was high on ice and desperate for money when he went to the Inala servo on Thursday. 

He threatened the worker, and took off with some cash. 


Three days later, Corbett took himself to a local station to admit what he'd done. 

"I made a big mistake. It was stupid. I mean, there's a lot of stupid sh** going on and I made a big mistake and I regret it."

"I know I'm going to suffer for it, and probably go to jail, but ya know 'do the crime, do the time', I really f#@$ed up, I shouldn't have done it"

"I was off my guts and I needed more so I made a silly choice, it's the first time I've ever really been in trouble"

"I felt bad about doing it after I come down and slept, so I thought I should do the right thing. Instead of them chasing me around, I thought I'd go hand myself in and get it over and done with"

Turns out Queensland Police were pretty happy with his honesty, too: 

"They said I did the right thing. I was nice about it and told them the truth and why I did it"