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Australia May Increase Troops In Afghanistan

No end in sight to 16 year war

Australia May Increase Troops In Afghanistan

Aussie forces will remain in Afghanistan for years to come, after the United States declared there will be no quick exit.

Australia has around 300 troops in the war torn nation, with Canberra leaving the door open for more to be deployed.

The Prime Minister and Defence Minister are set to engage in talks with President Donald Trump, who today delivered his new war blueprint.

Donald Trump said is staying tight lipped on the numbers of troops or plans for further military activities, saying conditions on the ground, not arbitrary timetables, will guide strategy from now on.

"I will not say when we are going to attack, but attack we will" he said.

"From now on, victory will have a clear definition: attacking our enemies, obliterating ISIS, crushing al-Qaeda, preventing the Taliban from taking over the country, and stopping mass terror attacks against Americans before they emerge".