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Australian Senator Metres From London Attack

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Australian Senator Metres From London Attack

Australian senator Sam Dastyari was reportedly just metres away from the stabbing in London's Borough Markets.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Senator Dastyari was dining with some friends from the UK Labor party when chaos broke out.

"Your first thought is obviously there has been a bar incident, maybe a fight or something" Senator Dastyari told Fairfax Media.

"And then suddenly you start hearing screams running down the street, right in the heart of the market, and this sense of panic suddenly takes hold of the entire vicinity and the restaurant. It was a very different kind of screaming from the one you get if there has been a  fight and someone has punched someone.. .it ran through the whole area, it was  contagious.

He said that the restaurant he was dining at locked its doors, and its patrons moved away from the windows.

The police then came and reinforced the lockdown, before returning 30 minutes later to evacuate those inside.

"We had to go past where the stabbings had been, so perhaps 15 to 20 meters away, there was blood everywhere, there were paramedics making the very tough call between those who they were deciding to treat on the spot and those they were trying to get away to hospitals. . .. it was hard to say how many wounded,  possibly six, a few, I couldn't really tell, and this was well into it by then, 30 or so minutes after the incident, so I don't know how many others had already been taken away."