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Australia's War Risk Greater Than It's Been In 60 Years, Says PM

Are we going to war?

Australia's War Risk Greater Than It's Been In 60 Years, Says PM Channel Nine

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has given a very upfront response on whether the world will go to war with North Korea.

Speaking to The Today Show on Thursday, Turnbull had this to say when asked whether Australia is "going to war?".

"I think the chance of war, the prospects of war or the risk of war, is great than it's been since the end of the Korean War," he said.

"The threatening conduct of Kim Jong Un is becoming more intense all the time. Having said that, I remain confident that the global community will put more economic pressure on North Korea and that will bring the regime to its senses."

While US President Donald Trump continues to work the phones, speaking with Chinese President Xi Jinping overnight, labelling the conversation as "frank" and that the President has committed to "doing something".


The federal government meantime, is considering how to evacuate an estimated 200,000 Aussies currently in north Asia, should tensions with North Korea escalate into war.

Australians on holiday or working in Asia are being told to monitor the crisis closely, while the government has updated its travel advice for South Korea and Japan on the Smart Traveller website.