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Barnaby Joyce Nominated For New Zealander Of The Year Award

Yes, really.

Barnaby Joyce Nominated For New Zealander Of The Year Award

Our friends across the ditch appear to be having a field day with news over the last several weeks about our Deputy PM's dual citizenship status.

For those who've missed it, Barnaby Joyce is one of a handful of politicians currently having their citizenship status assessed by the High Court after it was revealed that he is also a New Zealand citizen by descent.

While it's causing a constitutional crisis in Australia, the Kiwis are having a good laugh about it.

So much so, it turns out that Barnaby Joyce is the second-most nominated person for 2018's New Zealander of the Year award.

Manager of the award Glyn Taylor said that his eligibility to receive the award would be assessed when the voting closes on September 18.

"At the conclusion of the nominations period, the awards office will assess Mr Joyce's eligibility based on his citizenship and other criteria," he said.

"It's also not unusual for people of the moment to attract significant support during the public nominations period."

Mr Joyce has renounced his NZ citizenship.