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BREAKING: Two Uber Drivers Charged With Rape In The Space Of A Week

Police say more victims likely

BREAKING: Two Uber Drivers Charged With Rape In The Space Of A Week

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Queensland Police have confirmed a second Uber driver has been charged with rape in the space of a week. 

The 37 year old, from Aspley, allegedly assaulted a teenage girl on Brisbane's southside at about 8.30pm last Friday. 

The alleged attack came less than 48 hours after another driver, a 48 year old, is accused of attacking a woman in her early 20s three times in the back of his car. 

The young woman had caught a ride from the nightclub precinct Fortitude Valley in the early hours of the Thursday morning. 

Queensland Police Acting Detective Superintendent Mick O'Dowd says the cases are unrelated, but believe it's possible there are more victims. 

"We don't have any exact details of other incidents which is why we're asking by public appeal again for people to come forward" 

"We want members of the public who have.. over the past 12, 18 months or so or perhaps longer.. who have experienced any type of criminal offence against them of this nature to please come forward to police" 

Acting Detective Superintendent O'Dowd has defended Uber as a service. 

"These incidents do not, I suppose, indicate the behaviour and professionalism of all the other Uber drivers that are going about their business"

O'Dowd says all passengers using any transport service should take safety precautions: 

"Sometimes if it's late at night, perhaps not travelling on their own...perhaps going with another person... but it's important to say that there's always people that drive for Uber that are no doubt professional, decent people going about earning a living" 

We've contacted Uber for comment.