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British Airways File Patent For A Digital Pill

Is this the answer to beating jet lag?

British Airways File Patent For A Digital Pill

British Airways is looking to technology in an attempt to improve the flying experience and hopefully minimise the effects of jet lag.

The airline has just filed a patent application to develop a "digital pill".

The idea is that passengers, upon boarding, consume one of these digital pills. The sensor then relays information back to the flight attendants about each passenger, such as changes in temperature, stomach acidity, body movement, sleep phase, eye movement and heart rate.

This means that flight attendants will know when you're uncomfortable, when you're asleep and not to be bothered, and when you're hungry and need some sustenance.

Importantly, it's hoped that in helping regular travellers tailor their sleeping and eating times to their destination, would help to minimise jet lag.

The question remains though, whether passengers will swallow it? Literally.