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Calls For A Drop Box For Babies, After Second Baby Death In As Many Days

'Difficult decisions save lives'

Calls For A Drop Box For Babies, After Second Baby Death In As Many Days 9 News

There are calls for the government to consider tough options to save our vulnerable kid, like drop off boxes for unwanted babies. 

It's after the death of two babies in South East Queensland in just two days - a 9 month old who was found lifeless at the edge of the surf in Surfers Paradise and a 4 month old who was taken to Logan Hospital with critical injuries but later passed away. 

The parents have been spoken to by police in both situations. 

Hetty Johnston, a child protection advocate and the founder of Bravehearts, says it's time for more action. 

"We really do need to start thinking about the rights of children, over the rights of adults and parenting. We've got nowhere to put these children.. there's a lack of public housing.. why don't we start thinking about actually looking after children when they're children so they don't grow up to be dysfunctional adults who just cant cope with their own children?"

"We need to start thinking outside of the box. Why can't we have somewhere safe to drop these kids off? Why is foster care only option? Why aren't we thinking about adoption, long term placements, and free up some of these foster carers so they're able to look after these children for short stays."

"Why aren't we doing a whole bunch of stuff? It is politically difficult to do, I know, but it's going to save lives. We have to start thinking about the children as a first priority, not parents."

"This is getting worse and worse and worse because we're not focusing about prevention, we are focusing on mopping up the carnage"

It comes on the same day the government is set to hand down the findings of a report into the sentencing of child murderers. 

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