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Changes Coming To Domestic Airports In Security Overhaul

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Changes Coming To Domestic Airports In Security Overhaul

Domestic airports are set to see some changes, with full body x-ray scanners to be installed in an overhaul of security protocols.

The announcement is tipped to come next week, which could also see the imposition of liquid restrictions and other carry-on luggage.

It is understood that these changes will stem from allocation in the federal budget, according to Fairfax.

This comes after a security scare at Sydney airport last year, which saw an alleged meat-grinder bomb plot unfold - which has been described as one of the most advanced terror plots on home turf.

While there are privacy concerns stemming from the introduction of full body scans, the new technology would closely mimic the international machines, which use only a generic stick figure to represent the passenger's body, rather than an actual image.

Another change could also include the introduction of a CT scan system for luggage, instead of the current x-ray machine.

Furthermore, aerosol and liquids could come under scrutiny, with calls to restrict the ability of passengers to carry these items on domestic services - similar to the current system for international flights.

"We are worried about the settings at our domestic airports," Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said.

"Obviously there is a different security setting at our international airports where we do have full body scanners.

"We know that airports, forecourts within the airports, are targets for terrorist organisations around the world. We have seen that in Europe.

"We've looked at different ways in which we can provide support, particularly to regional airports, but the detail will be held for the budget."