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Chopper Pilot Picks Up McDonald's Order

CASA Investigating "Unusual" Landing

Chopper Pilot Picks Up McDonald's Order

Pic: 9 News

A helicopter pilot has taken his love of Maccas to new heights.

Authorities are investigating after a chopper did a McDonald's "Fly-Thru" in Sydney's north-west on Saturday.

The chopper landed at a park in Rouse Hill at about 420pm, before the pilot got out, picked up his order at the nearby Maccas, before taking off again.

Peter Gibson from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority says an investigation is underway.

"The landing is certainly unusual. Whether or not it's unsafe is something CASA is having a look at. We've got the video and inspectors are reviewing that today".

"There are two important rules. One is that the area that the helicopter lands in must be safe, so it must not have things like power lines, buildings too close or people that are regularly crossing the area and the other thing you must have is the permission of whoever owns the land" said Mr Gibson.

"It's too early to say whether there's been any breach of the Civil Aviation safety regulations at this stage. We're certainly having a look at the video of the landing and take off and we'll make the proper determination in due course."

Authorities could not confirm whether he had fries with that.