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Coca-Cola To Cut Down On Sugar Content

Calls grow for a 'sugar tax'

Coca-Cola To Cut Down On Sugar Content

Coca-Cola is changing the recipes of some of its most popular soft drinks, with the move coming in an attempt to lower the amount of sugar content in the products.

This comes after much backlash from consumers and calls for a sugar tax to combat rising sugar consumption.

A 10 per cent cut to sugar content in Coca-Cola products is on the way according to managing director Alison Watkins, with the introduction of low or no sugar drinks.

“We’re doing it either just by making things less sweet over time, gradually, or by using stevia, which is a naturally derived sweetener, to replace some of the sugar," Ms Watkins said, reports

“We see a lot more opportunities to come.”

More than 30 countries globally have introduced sugar taxes, to come into effect by the end of the year.