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Cocaine Cassie 'Lied About Having Cancer'

More allegations

Cocaine Cassie 'Lied About Having Cancer'

Pic: Instagram/Colombia Police

The allegations levelled against Cassie Sainsbury continue today, with new claims she had lied about having cancer. 

The madam of Penrith brothel, Club 220, where the 22 year old had allegedly been working under the pseudonym 'Claudia' for the second 6 months of last year says Cassie had told fellow sex workers she was forced into prostitution because she was suffering from cancer and her partner was unemployed. 

Madam Pamela Feranchi has spoken to News Corp - 

"She rang me crying from Adelaide asking for work saying her fiance wasn't working and was living off her, and she needed the money to support him"

"Cassie was a very sweet girl who was depressed and didn't want to work as a sex worker"

It's just the latest twist and turn in the case surrounding the South Australian who's still behind bars in Colombia, awaiting trial, after being busted with 5.8kg of cocaine in her luggage. 

Yesterday, it was alleged Cassie had told co-workers her mother had died from MS, and allegedly collected donations to cover funeral costs. 

We also heard about Cassie changing her story - after initially claiming complete innocence and that she 'knew nothing' about the drugs disguised as headphones in her luggage, she's now claiming she was forced to act as a drug mule after members of an international syndicate threatened her and her family.