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Consumers Warned Of NBN Scam

Thousands lost.

Consumers Warned Of NBN Scam

Consumers are warned to be wary of any National Broadband Network (NBN) related phone calls they receive, following reports that there has been a spike in scams and identity theft related to the NBN roll-out.

According to a report by, scammers have been asking for personal information under the guise of offering discount NBN services.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) Scamwatch has noted a large number of complaints from consumers who have had thousands lost to the con.

The ACCC is also warning that the elderly are at a particularly high risk of being targeted due to gaps in technological knowledge.

A representative from the NBN's security team has advised that representatives from the NBN will never get in touch with consumers to sell them services, and only initiates contact based on network rollout issues.