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Cop Killer May've Lured Officer To His Death Over A ‘Grudge’

He was stockpiling weapons

Cop Killer May've Lured Officer To His Death Over A ‘Grudge’

Pic: ABC News

Police mourning the death of one of their own will now investigate whether he was deliberately lured to his death by a criminal who had a grudge. 

Fairfax is reporting 40 year old Rick Maddison, who had a long and violent history, had been calling Senior Constable Brett Forte's tactical crime squad unit from a public phone to make threats and challenge the officers to find him, sparking a manhunt. 

Police, specifically Senior Constable Forte and his partner, spotted the violent crim driving and followed him for 40 km to a rural part of the Lockyer Valley. 

Maddison stopped the car and stepped out, before opening fire on the officers. Senior Constable Forte was shot dead. 

A police source has been quoted saying Maddison's decision not to break the speed limit, cross to the wrong side of the road or break any other road rules was likely intentional. 

"There's a reason he did that. He was getting them back into his territory I'd say,"

It's also been revealed Maddison had been stockpiling powerful guns in the makeshift shed where he held Police at bay for more than 20 hours. 

The weapon he used to fire at police when he eventually ran free, and was shot dead, was so powerful the bullet fractured the armoured glass of a police vehicle. 

The Coroner will now investigate the deaths of both Senior constable Forte and Maddison.