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Could WORMS Cure Coeliac Disease?

Patients Infected With Parasites

Could WORMS Cure Coeliac Disease?

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Queensland researchers may have found a way to alleviate the symptoms of coeliac disease ... and it's all thanks to worms.

They believe ingesting parasitic hookworms into a sufferer's stomach and allowing them to multiply could drastically reduce the reaction patients get from eating gluten-rich foods.

A second human trial is set to be rolled out in several Queensland hospitals, led by researchers from James Cook University.

A previous study was pretty successful, 12 patients who were voluntarily infected with hookworms were able to eat a medium-seized bowl of pasta every day for two weeks, with no ill effects.

Results of the trial are expected to be released early next year.

It's hoped this will eventually bring much needed relief for the 340,000-odd Aussies believed to have coeliac disease.