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Employers Are Purposefully Not Hiring Smokers

Butting out?

Employers Are Purposefully Not Hiring Smokers Image Pexels

If you’re a smoker, chances are you may find it increasingly difficult to land a job as more workplaces become smoke-free.

In fact, a spokesperson from the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland told the ABC that smoking is not covered under Australian anti-discrimination laws, which stops employers from discriminating on a range of factors including ethnicity, age, gender, sexuality and marital status.

"Smoking is not a protected attribute, and it is not an impairment under the act," they said.

"Although smokers might be addicted to nicotine, it is possible to deal with the addiction by using patches rather than smoking.

"It is acceptable to impose reasonable smoking restrictions while at work or in rented premises without offending the Anti-Discrimination Act."