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Experts Say You Can Have A Beer And Still Be A Good Dad This Festive Season

How much is too much?

Experts Say You Can Have A Beer And Still Be A Good Dad This Festive Season

We all know the festive season is a great excuse sink a few beers, but what impact is it having on the little ones?

According to experts, it's perfectly okay to drink around children, but of course there is a right way to do it, and a wrong way.

It's important for parents to consider their own drinking behaviour. If you drink heavily, your kids may want to drink at risky levels too.

"We know that kids form attitudes and beliefs about alcohol long before they have their first alcoholic drink," Simon Strahan from Drinkwise told Triple M.

"It's parents who are the number one role model for kids, so it's really important that parents reflect responsible drinking practices in front of their children."

How much is acceptable?

According to Australian government Guidelines, we should drink no more than four standard drinks on a single occasion.

How can I drink responsibly this festive season?

  • Keep track of how many drinks you've had
  • Sip on water in between drinks
  • Consider low or mid strength drinks as an alternative
  • Leave the keys at home and organise alternative transport home ahead of the event

Can teenagers enjoy a few drinks with the adults?

Not unless they're over 18.

According to Drinkwise, the average age teens start drinking is 16, but studies tell us just how important it is for young adults to delay drinking alcohol for as long as possible.

Tips for hosting an event with teens and kids

  • Keep plenty of non-alcoholic drinks around 
  • Plan a heap of activities that don't focus on alcohol - why not organise a game of cricket? 
  • It's important to have open communication with teenagers, and let them know how crucial it is for their brain development and health to delay drinking.

For more info head to the Drinkwise website.