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Guy Does Ol' Switcheroo In Sydney Diamond Robbery

Makes off with expensive jewel

Guy Does Ol' Switcheroo In Sydney Diamond Robbery

Police are on the hunt for a thief, who allegedly made off with an unset five carat diamond in Sydney's CBD earlier this week.

About 10am on Tuesday a guy entered the store in Martin Place, police have been told he checked out a five-carat diamond before allegedly swapping it for a stone that looked similar, but of a lesser value.

He then took off and employees called officers when they noticed the stone had been switched.

As for how much a five-carat diamond is worth – it not only depends on the weight (carat), but the clarity, the cut and the colour.

The Diamond Emporium has an impressive array of five-carat diamonds ranging from $59,586 to $497,923.

Officers have today released CCTV footage of a man, who's described of being of Asian appearance with a slim build, and with short black hair, who may be able to assist with inquires.

Check out the footage below.

He was wearing a grey jumper, dark-coloured pants, black Nike-brand sneakers, and carrying a shoulder bag. If you have any info, call Crimestoppers.