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Here's The Most Unusual Things Aussies Have Left In Ubers

Not just their dignity

Here's The Most Unusual Things Aussies Have Left In Ubers

Uber has released its latest (and highly entertaining) Lost & Found Index and the items people claim to have lost in Ubers are pretty surprising.

The rideshare company say the most  common day to lose an item is Saturday and the most common time is 1am – no surprises there. 

Mornington Peninsula lost more items than any other city across the country, followed closely by Perth, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast then Melbourne.

26th June was the most forgetful day of the year — Aussies obviously aren’t cut out for the colder weather. 

Unsurprisingly, the number one item left on an Uber trip was a mobile phone but check out some of the more obscure items: 

  • An adult toy — yes, this item also made an appearance on this same list in 2017
  • A child, which we hope is a joke
  • Bacon 
  • Someone claimed to have lost their dignity while another person said they lost the love of their life
  • Not one, but two wedding gowns and
  • A wedding ring
  • Underwear 
  • Someone lost their friend, probably not friends anymore...
  • A shopping trolley
  • Fake teeth and 
  • Several mouth retainers
  • A cake and 
  • A pork roast
  • A drone
  • A Violin
  • A rider lost a pair of “stunnas”, we hope they were all reunited in the end 
  • One single chilli 

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