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Here's Why You Need A Flu Jab This Year

Potentially deadly cases on the rise

Here's Why You Need A Flu Jab This Year

Image: AAP

Here's a reason to roll up your sleeve and get a jab this year - there have already been nearly 7,000 cases of the potentially deadly illness have already been reported this year, about 1000 more than those diagnosed between January and all of March in 2016.

About an extra two million Australians are expected to get a flu shot this year, with pharmacies now gearing up to vaccinate more people amid an early surge in influenza cases.

More than 3000 Australians die from influenza each year, with an estimated 18,000 people hospitalised with the highly contagious infection.

But, less than half of Aussie adults had a flu shot last year.

35 per cent of flu vaccines were given to people at their workplace and this year is the first year that flu vaccines will be available via trained staff at pharmacies across Australia.

If you're still not sure about lining up for your jab, we'll leave you with this:

Adults vaccinated against flu have nearly half the number of doctor's visits and sick days caused by upper respiratory illnesses compared with unvaccinated people.