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Hero Who Comforted Dying Julian Cadman Speaks Out

'Paternal instinct kicked in'

Hero Who Comforted Dying Julian Cadman Speaks Out Pic: Alamy Live/ITV

A British tourist has spoken out about his attempts to save little Australian boy Julian Cadman, who lost his life in the Barcelona terror attack. 

Harry Athwal was at a restaurant at Las Ramblas when a hired van ploughed into people, including Sydney boy Julian and his mum, Jumarie. 

Some of the first images from the scene included Athwal sitting alongside the boy's body. 

Athwal has spoken out on British TV, saying individuals need to stand against terrorism. 

"We’re fighting a different enemy now, they’re using every day things like cars, they’re killing our children"

"You have to do something, it’s not about your safety it’s about someone else's. The common man is the person who can now do something about this"

The father of one, who's now been dubbed 'Hero Harry', says he knew instantly that a terror attack had happened. 

"You hear this screaming, thuds and thunder, you were just trying to think 'what I have I just seen?'"

"I didn’t know what to do but I knew I had to do something."

He says he saw several bodies and injured people strewn across the footpath, but it was little 7 year old Julian who attracted him. 

"He was quite badly injured, I checked for a pulse and he didn’t have a pulse."

"I put a hand on his back and he wasn’t breathing, so all I could do was sit with him and stroke his back until the police came."

"I have a son the same age, and that was what was going through my head."