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Hugh Hefner's $43 Million Will Means No Money For Family Members Abusing Drugs Or Alcohol

Beneficiaries may be tested

Hugh Hefner's $43 Million Will Means No Money For Family Members Abusing Drugs Or Alcohol Getty

Hugh Hefner's $43 million dollar estate has been divvied up between his widow and four children but it comes with a pretty big clause.

According to papers obtained by Entertainment Tonight, any beneficiary - in this case wife Crystal, daughter Christie and sons David, Marston and Cooper - believed to have a drug or booze addiction may have their access to cash blocked.

The clause stipulates that trustees may intervene if they "reasonably believe that... [the beneficiary] routinely or frequently uses or consumes any illegal substance so as to be physically or psychologically dependent upon that substance, or is clinically dependent upon the use or consumption of alcohol or any other legal drug or chemical substance that is not prescribed by a board certified medical doctor or psychiatrist in a current program of treatment supervised by such doctor or psychiatrist."

Any beneficiary may be required to undergo drug testing and treatment if the trustees suspect substance abuse.

If their suspicions are found to be true, the beneficiary will then have their access to cash blocked until "examinations indicate no such use for 12 months" or the "trustees[s] in their discretion determine that the beneficiary is able to care for himself or herself."

Of his $43 million fortune, it's believed Hefner left his 31-year-old widow $5 million in cash and a $7 million four-bed home in Los Angeles.

The remaining cash and assets were split between his four kids, with a portion going to the University of Southern California and various charities.

Hefner died in September this year after a battle with blood poisoning and E. coli led to cardiac arrest and respiratory failure.

He was 91 years old.