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Hundreds Evacuated After London Tower Inferno

Deadly Blaze Sparks New Evacuations

Hundreds Evacuated After London Tower Inferno

Hundreds are being kicked out of their London accommodation with next to no notice, Council saying they can't guarantee their safety after the Grenfell tower inferno.

Some residents say they only found out about the evacuations in Camden after switching on the TV news. A Sky News reporter asked resident Karim how he found out that he had to move out and he replied "on the news, I was watching the TV and we were just sitting there watching and suddenly we were just told to come here and leave".

Local MP Tulip Siddiq says Council is doing its best. She said "if you have information that constituents are not safe you cannot sit on that information".

"If you have information any knowledge or information that a building is unsafe for a residence, the first thing you should do is evacuate them.

The Camden Council is the first to make the major move after the June 14 fire in West London killed at least 79. The people who lived in the five towers are being encouraged to stay with friends and family, but Council's offered to provide temporary accommodation if that isn't possible.

Repairs on the building are expected to be completed within three to four weeks. It comes after British police confirmed they were looking at filing manslaughter charges in the Grenfell fire.

They also said that an exploding fridge definitely started the blaze at the 24-storey building. The Hotpoint brand fridge-freezer has not been the subject of a recall in the parts but is now being examined. The government has asked all building owners to send in samples of cladding material used on their buildings for testing.

Samples from 14 buildings in London, Manchester and Plymouth have already been found to be combustible.