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Investigation Launched Into ‘Appalling’ University Yearbook Scandal

'Totally unacceptable'

Investigation Launched Into ‘Appalling’ University Yearbook Scandal Image: Seven News

Academics at a prestigious Brisbane university are investigating how a series of “totally unacceptable” comments were published earlier this month in a yearbook.

According to Seven News, hundreds of copies of the Emmanuel College publication included offensive anecdotes from students on sexual assault and domestic violence.

"I'd rather choke her to sleep than talk her to sleep," said one comment, while another said “consent is nothing”.

While CEO and Provost of Emmanuel College Professor David Brunkhorst told Seven News the yearbook was not an “official college document”, he confirmed an investigation had commenced.

"We are currently investigating where these quotes came from and how they came to be included in the students' yearbook," Professor Brunkhorst said.

Despite these efforts, Seven News reports the 300 copies of the yearbook have not yet been recalled and no disciplinary action has been taken.

Director of End Rape On Campus Australia Sharna Bremner told the disrespectful content of the yearbook was “appalling”.

“Talking about choking women or putting fists through their faces certainly doesn’t reflect any sort of culture of respect, in fact it demonstrates the complete opposite” she said.

The University of Queensland has also spoken out against the publication, confirming they will raise concerns directly with Emmanuel College.

“The University deplores the comments printed in the publication,” said Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic Professor Joanne Wright.

“Such comments are totally unacceptable and are in direct contradiction to UQ’s response to this year’s Australian Human Rights Commission Respect. Now. Always. survey and report.”

If you or someone you know has been impacted by sexual assault, support is available by phone on 1800 RESPECT.

Triple M has reached out to Emmanuel College and The University of Queensland for further comment.