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Just Days Until NAPLAN Is Back

Brush Up With A Practice Test Here

Just Days Until NAPLAN Is Back

The annual NAPLAN test is back, and gets underway on May 15.

If you've been living under a rock, NAPLAN is the national standardised test to measure the literacy and numeracy skills of every Australian student in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

This years test isn't without the regular controversy - as a growing number of schools move to test online. For some schools, particularly in regional WA, they've had to order internet restrictions dso they don't run out of bandwidth. NAPLAN critics say that means the testing has an impact on lessons across whole schools.

All schools have until 2020 to switch over to the online test model, which gives kids access to personalised tests. Students will be presented with different questions based on the answers they provide. Struggling students will be directed to less complex questions, while students performing at higher levels will get more complex questions.

Now here's the best part... anyone can have a go at the online NAPLAN test to see what students will be experiencing.. Click these links below and follow the instructions to see how our next generation is being tested next week:

Year 3 Test

Year 5 Test 

Year 7 Test 

Year 9 Test