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JUST IN: Bourke St Inquest May Not Happen For Years

Not until accused killer is tried

JUST IN: Bourke St Inquest May Not Happen For Years

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A crowd of people including the heartbroken parents of three month old victim Zachary Bryant were told on Thursday that an inquest into the six deaths will not be carried out until the alleged killer has been tried.

At a preliminary hearing, state Coroner Sara Hinchey adjourned the inquest until the criminal proceedings of Dimitrious Gargasoulis, 26, are finished.

Earlier we told you about concerns Gargasoulis may not even go to trial until 2019 on six counts of murder and 29 counts of attempted murder.

The parents of baby Zachary told media they're just grateful a full inquest will be carried out, and that they hope it will prevent anything like this from ever happening again.

While choosing to postpone an inquest until criminal proceedings wrap up is not out of the ordinary, it does create uncertainty about when the entire process will be finished.

DEVASTATING: Six lives were lost (ABC News

This is important because the coroner makes recommendations to Ministers, public bodies or entities which recommend problematic laws be changed.

Baby Zachary Bryant, schoolgirl Thalia Hakin, 10, father Matthew Si, 25, Sydney woman Jess Mudie, 22, finance consultant Bhavita Patel, 33, and Japanese man Y. Kanno, 25 were all killed after Gargasoulis allegedly drove his Holden Commodore into a crowd of people on Bourke Street.

The coroner has confirmed she will look into bail justices and police actions.

The accused killer was out on bail at the time of the offence, while police had been forced to discontinue pursuing his car earlier in the day on January 20 because of their current "no pursuit" policy, which stipulates that a chase be terminated if the offender is driving dangerously.

He'll front court for a special mention on August 1.