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London Attacks: Everything We Know So Far

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London Attacks: Everything We Know So Far

Police are currently responding to two acts of terror in London, on London Bridge and Borough Market.

Police confirmed nine people are dead - including the three attackers - and at least 20 people have been hospitalised.

British police have declared the incidents terrorism attacks.

A van ran down a number of pedestrians on London Bridge around 10pm local time.

The incident at Borough Market was a stabbing attack.

A separate incident at Vauxhall, where a person was stabbed, is unrelated.

The three men were shot dead within eight minutes of the first call.

They were wearing what looked like explosive vests, but were later confirmed to be hoaxes.

Police have carried out controlled explosions outside the Sun’s newspaper offices near London Bridge, at 1:23am and 1:25am local time.

Three major London hospitals are on lockdown to keep patients safe.

People in the area have been urged by police to run, hide and turn their phones on silent.

Foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop said in a statement: "The Australian Government is seeking to determine if any Australians are involved or affected in any way."