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Man Arrested At Sydney Airport Attempting To Travel To Syria

22 year old allegedly radicalised online

Man Arrested At Sydney Airport Attempting To Travel To Syria

A 22 year old man arrested at Sydney Airport this morning is expected to be charged  after allegedly attempting to leave Australia to fight for Islamic State in Syria.

A photo from New South Wales police shows the man wearing a beanie, hoodie and tracksuit pants handcuffed and being led away by a number of officers.


Police claim the Australian-born man from Panania in Sydney's south west intended to purchase a plane ticket to Lebanon or Turkey.

"We believe he was acting alone and was radicalised himself," said Deputy Commissioner Dave Hudson.

"It appears he was radicalised online."

The young man is expected to face court this afternoon on charges that carry a maximum sentence of life behind bars.

Police have also reassured the community there is no current or impending threat to the community as part of today’s arrest.

“In light of recent events, both at home and overseas, it is now more important than ever for the community and police to continue to work together,” Deputy Commissioner Hudson said.

Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Ian McCartney, National Manager Counter Terrorism, reaffirmed law enforcement’s commitment to stopping the spread of terrorism ideologies.

“We have zero tolerance for Australians who seek to commit acts of violence or extremism. Those that are looking to do the wrong thing should recognise that the AFP and our partners will continue to work together to address this criminal activity,” Assistant Commissioner McCartney said.