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Massive Push For Female Walking Signals Across Melbourne

Aiming for thousands

Massive Push For Female Walking Signals Across Melbourne

(Image: Twitter)

A Committee of Melbourne lobby group has made a strong push for equality in pedestrian signals - aiming for there to be as many green women as men across the city.

However, many have criticised the endeavour as 'political correctness gone mad'.

On the corner of Swanston and Flinders St in the city there will be 10 female lights rolled out; and their supporters are hopeful they will be there to stay.

“Unconscious bias reinforces stereotypes and influences daily decisions and attitudes … the Equal Crossings initiative will draw our attention to these issues in a practical and positive way,” Committee for Melbourne CEO Martine Letts said.

“We have been voted the world’s most liveable city six times in a row, and we should also aim to be the world’s most equal city.”

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle wasn't particularly keen on the idea, however:

“I’m all for doing anything we can for gender equity, but really?” he said.

“Unfortunately, I think this sort of costly exercise is more likely to bring derision.”