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Men Who Swam Inside Qld Croc Trap Dubbed 'Idiots Of The Century'

Photos appear on Facebook

Men Who Swam Inside Qld Croc Trap Dubbed 'Idiots Of The Century' Facebook

Four men who swam inside a baited croc trap are contenders for  “idiots of the century”, a Queensland mayor reckons.

Photos have surfaced of the men swimming around a croc trap and then sitting inside it not far from the scene of a fatal croc attack.

The group are behind a trap door designed to slam shut if a croc takes the bait.

The photos were taken at the Port Douglas Marina, not far from where disoriented dementia sufferer Anne Cameron, 79, was taken by a 4.3-metre croc recently.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection is investigating and the men could each face fines of $15,000 if convicted of tampering with the trap.

One Facebook user, Stacy W Clayton, shared the photos on October 20, with the message: "Only way t (sic) check a croc trap to ensure the live bait stays alive." It's unclear if he was one of the men.

Douglas Shire Mayor Julie Leu says she's stunned by the stupidity of the four, and the council didn't yet know if they were tourists or locals.

"That's exactly where you might find a crocodile because that's were the bait is," she told AAP on Tuesday.

"These fellows are vying for the idiots of the century award."