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Multiple Dead In London Terror Attacks

Van Drives Into Crowd On London Bridge

Multiple Dead In London Terror Attacks

London is in lockdown.

There have been three separate attacks on Saturday night.

Multiple people have been confirmed dead and up to 20 people injured.

UK police are responding to incidents in London Bridge and Borough Market in the UK.

A van travelling at about 90 kilometers an hour ploughed into pedestrians on London Bridge, followed by reports of gunfire as police hunt three suspects who may be armed. 

It's believed dozens of people were run down.


A few hours later its believed the people in that van have gone on a stabbing rampage nearby, wounding a number of people.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says there are no indications any Australians were caught up in the attack. 

"British Police are treating it as a terrorist attack," she said this morning.

"This follows a similar pattern from those that we've seen elsewhere." 

British Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed the incident is being treated as a potential act of terrorism, and says the investigation is "fast moving".