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New Technology Will Make It Impossible To Steal From The Self-Serve Checkout

No more sneaky scans of brown onions.

New Technology Will Make It Impossible To Steal From The Self-Serve Checkout 7 News

Bad news for those who have a tendency to do a sneaky false scan on the supermarket self-serve, with new technology making it impossible to substitute cheaper items for more expensive goods.

An automated product recognition service has been developed that is able to identify each item and log it in the register.

And the technology is even capable of distinguishing between different brands of apple, so gone are the days of scanning your meat as brown onions.

It also removes the need for customers to scan barcodes or enter quantities.

“It’s based on machine learning and artificial intelligence which has been taught to recognise different types of fruit and other products,” Tiliter Technology co-founder Chris Sampson told

“The big value for supermarkets is removing the significant loss seen from people entering the wrong information when using self-service checkouts.

“However, customers will also benefit by not needing to search through menus trying to identify the items they are purchasing.”

This news comes after a man was fined AU$326,000 in a check-out scam, while a Queensland woman received a suspended sentence for an elaborate ploy using photocopied barcodes from containers of two-minute noodles.

It is understood that talks are currently underway with Coles and Woolworths, with there a chance that the technology could be in stores before the end of this year.