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No Jab No Play Rule To Go Australia Wide

Nowhere for anti vaxxer parents to hide

No Jab No Play  Rule To Go Australia Wide

Vaccination's on the Federal Government's agenda in a big way with plans to ban children from every state and territory from childcare or pre-school unless they're fully immunised.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt says there'll only be ONE exception: "Unless a child has a medical exemption, they will have to have a vaccination to attend childcare or kindergarten. It's not just about protecting each individual child, it's about protecting every child."

"We want to work with all of the states and I'm very confident that they'll come on board," he told the Seven Network. "Ultimately it's about protecting kids against horrendous illnesses that are agonising and potentially in some cases tragic."

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will raise the issue at the next Council Of Australian Government meeting.

At the moment Australia has an overall immunisation rate above 95%, but only New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria have implemented 'no jab no play' legislation.