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NSW Is Now The Odd One Out On Banning Plastic Bags

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NSW Is Now The Odd One Out On Banning Plastic Bags Image: Pixabay

New South Wales is officially the only place left in Australia that's not banned (or promised to ban) plastic bags in supermarkets – and the state is being called out to lift its game.

With the Victorian government confirming it will phase out plastic bags “as soon as possible”, pollies now want NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian to take “Victoria’s lead”, reports.

“I’m not the Premier of NSW, something I’m eternally grateful for,” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

“Hopefully Gladys Berejiklian will be convinced to do what NSW does so well: follow Victoria’s lead.”

Greenpeace senior media campaigner Simon Black added the NSW government was “now lagging behind every other state in Australia”.

It comes as Coles, Woolworths and IGA have all committed to phasing out single use plastic bags over the next year.