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Pauline Hanson Apologises For Vaccine Comments

'I was wrong.'

Pauline Hanson Apologises For Vaccine Comments

Pic: Getty

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has publicly apologised for suggesting parents could get their kids tested for vaccination allergies.

The comments made by the Queenslander on Sunday were labelled "dangerous" and "uninformed" by many doctors and health experts.

Appearing on Channel 7's Sunrise this morning, Hanson admitted she was wrong.

"A couple of doctors have said that there is no test. Yes I do apologise. If that be the case, I am wrong," she said.

"I was of the opinion that I did read that, apparently that's not the case."

"It's a personal decision and I just want parents to make sure that they do the right thing by their children, go and speak to the doctor, get the right advice."

"I had my kids vaccinated. I think it's been blown completely out of proportion, the whole issue. But, as far as having tests done, ok. I admit, I was wrong with that."