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Pauline Hanson's Burqa Stunt May Spark Senate Dress Code Review

‘I hope common sense prevails’

Pauline Hanson's Burqa Stunt May Spark Senate Dress Code Review Image: AAP

Pauline Hanson “welcomes” a possible review of the Australian Senate dress code – after the One Nation leader sensationally wore a burqa to Question Time.

Parliament is due to resume in two weeks and Senate president Stephen Parry will reportedly ask the upper house to establish a formal dress code following the Senator Hanson’s “ban the burqa” stunt last week, The Australian reports.

“I welcome Senator Parry’s decision to seek a review of the Senate dress code,” Senator Hanson told NewsCorp.

“I hope common sense prevails and the Senate standing committee realises that there is no place for full face coverings, such as the burqa, on the floor of the Australian Senate.”

Last week, Attorney-General George Brandis said a Senate review committee into setting up a formal dress code would be “appropriate”.

At the moment, the Senate has no current dress code although guidelines around the professional conduct of Senators bans t-shirts and other clothing which carry political messages.

Senator Parry is said to raise the lack of a formal dress code to the Senate standing committee where it can be reviewed and – if need be – amended so the Senate president can enforce a new dress code.

At the moment the Senate president can’t throw out people from the chamber – which often happens thanks to the Speaker in the lower house.

As for the original moment that set off this chain of events? You can check out the video of Pauline Hanson donning the burqa below.