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PETA Calls For Bacon Tax

A bit... rash?

PETA Calls For Bacon Tax (Healthify)

PETA is no stranger to controversy, and the animal rights group has again raised eyebrows by proposing the Federal Government emulate its tobacco tax – for bacon.

Australia's associate director Ashley Fruno drew the ire of many – including Treasurer Scott Morrison – when she penned the contentious opinion piece for News Corp.

In 2015 the World Health Organisation (WHO) placed processed meats in the same category as tobacco, noting that there is "convincing evidence that the agent causes cancer."

Fruno points to the cigarette tax and asks, "shouldn't we raise taxes on other cancer-causing substances we put in our mouths?"

However the WHO report also warns against false equivalence, stating that the inclusion of processed meat into the same category as asbestos and tobacco does "NOT mean that they are all equally dangerous".

She also argues that reduced consumption of saturated fats associated with meats will also help to curb Australia's obesity crisis and slow climate change.

In 2014, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change named animal agriculture as one of the key drivers of global emissions, due to the large number of resources required for farming.

Scott Morrison quickly ruled out ever acting on the push.

“First the PC brigade want to take our statues, now they want to take our bacon! Pigs might fly,” he told News Corp.

“We are not going to let these political activists into your fridge or your pantry.”