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Punting Expert Explains How To Win At Two-Up

Always gamble responsibly

Punting Expert Explains How To Win At Two-Up

Two-up might seem like nothing but a game of luck.

But punting analyst Mike Steward has outlined an approach, known in gambling parlance as the Martingale Betting Strategy, which is guaranteed to see you win... under certain circumstances.

'A punter simply bets a stake to win an amount of money, if they fail to win with the first bet they increase their stake to recover their losses plus win the initial targeted win amount on the second bet and so on,' he says.

'To simplify this betting strategy, let's take a simple coin toss where the outcome is even money each time.

'I bet $1 on Heads for the first toss to win $1.

'If the bet loses, I will bet $2 on the second toss. If I win on the second toss I have recovered my earlier loss of $1 plus my target winning amount of $1, otherwise if I lose I will have to bet $4 on the third toss to recover the $3 lost and still win my targeted win amount.

'If I continued to experience successive losses I double the stake of the previous wager until a win occurs.' 

'The Martingale staking approach is alluring to punters because of its seemingly guaranteed approach to make a buck,' he stated.

'I mean how many losers can you back in a row after all?

As alluring as it sounds, the obvious downside is that if you have consecutive loses the amounts you need to keep wagering grow exponentially

Another wagering expert Damian Deguara has issued a warning about the method.

"Before you run off to the ATM to load yourself up in readiness for a Double-up day of two-up, remember that the perception of guaranteed success that punters have about the Double-up approach is not entirely accurate.' he says.

'The only way that it can guarantee a win is if you have an infinite amount of cash and an infinite number of coin tosses, neither of which are available to punters tomorrow.'

Good Luck!... and always gamble responsibly.