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Qantas To Fly East Coast To London Direct In Future

It's happening!

Qantas To Fly East Coast To London Direct In Future

Let's fly away, let's fly, let's fly away... because the future of flying is almost here.
It's no secret that Australians love to travel the world and Qantas is hoping to make things easier for us.

Within the next five years they could bring us non-stop flights to London and New York direct from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Qantas is challenging plane manufacturers like Airbus and Boeing to create planes that can do super-long-haul distances.
At the moment there's no aircraft that can go the distance non-stop while loaded with passengers and luggage.

The flying kangaroo then plans to charge a premium for a quicker trip abroad. Analysts are estimating a price bump up of about 20 percent.

It could all be possible by 2022.
If you want to start planning a trip already this is how long it could take you.

Perth to London - Approximately 17 hours
Sydney to London - Approximately 20 hours and 20 minutes
Sydney to New York - Approximately 18 hours and 7 minutes

The plan is expected to be outlined today when Qantas reveals it's annual results.