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REVEALED: The Biggest 'First World Problems' Of 2017

Times have changed.

REVEALED: The Biggest 'First World Problems' Of 2017

In 1997, finding love was the biggest problem.

That's a stark contrast to a 2017 list – in which more arbitrary concerns co-opted issues like happy relationships and making rental payments.

An intriguing new study released to the Daily Mail has found today's millennials cite finding free Wi-Fi, forgetting passwords and finding a ripe avocado as their biggest bugbears.

Goldsmiths University Consumer psychologist Patrick Fagan has told the online site a major issue is that millenials are "never satisifed."

'We are instinctively hardwired to look for problems," he said of the study, which quizzed thousands of Brits in their twenties – as well as those in their fifites about what their primary concerns were at that age, and compared the two.

In their answers baby boomers also admitted times seem tougher for the youth of today.

Three in five over fifties told the survey that they believe people in their twenties have a busier life than they did at the same age, due to working harder and spending lots of time on social media.

Top 5 First World Problems Of 1997:

1. Having a happy relationship

2. Earning enough to pay rent and bills

3. Whether you could afford a holiday

4. Saving for first home

5. When you got your photos developed and most of them were over-exposed


Top 20 First World Problems Of 2017: 

1. Having to wait in the house all day for a delivery because there isn't a specific time-slot

2. Forgetting your log-in passwords

3. Leaving your phone at home

4. No free Wi-Fi at a hotel

5. The buffering sign when you are streaming something online

6. Having to stand on public transport

7. Running for the Bus/Train and getting there as the doors shut

8. When you forget your umbrella and it's raining

9. Having to get out of warm bed to turn off the lights

10. When someone puts an empty bottle back in the fridge

11. Losing the TV remote when your favourite programme is due to start

12. When you can see someone has read your message but hasn't replied

13. Having to get dressed to open the front door

14. When an avocado isn't ripe enough

15. Having numerous items of clothing on one hanger because you haven't got enough

16. Running out of toilet roll and forgetting to buy some on the way home

17. When they don't bring condiments with your meal and you have to ask for them

18. Your laptop running low on battery but your charger is in another room

19. Realising the milk has run out after boiling the kettle

20. Sat Nav re-routing