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Schapelle Corby May Have Snuck Past Media In a Tradie Ute

Photo proof emerges

Schapelle Corby May Have Snuck Past Media In a Tradie Ute

Pic: Instagram

Well, the mystery may be cracked.... it looks like Schapelle Corby slipped the media when she arrived back on home soil by pretending to be a tradie. 

The Courier Mail's published photos of a sign written ute thought to be whisking Corby away from Brisbane Airport when she landed on Sunday, just moments after a decoy convoy motorcade dragged media on a goose chase across the South East. 

The white Toyota is splashed with sign writing for 'Luke's Electrical'. Trouble is, there are no business records under that name anywhere in Queensland. 

There was a phone number on the ute, too, but The Courier Mail says the person who answered identified himself as Nathan and hung up when he was questioned. 

The photos appear to show at least 3 people in the ute - one of them looks to be Corby's bodyguard John McLeod. 

The ute is believed to have taken the convicted drug smuggler to a secret location. It's from there that Corby posted this Instagram video, showing McLeod and another man in tradie outfits: